Be careful ! Recently there are fake Zikr rings on the market !!

Recently there are fake Zikr rings on the market !!

Recently, some users have given us feedback that fake zikr ring has appeared in the market, its appearance, text introduction and packaging are all copied from Umeox iQibla Zikr ring, as shown below:

Zikr ring is an exclusive and innovative patented product of UMEOX iqibla that was launched worldwide last October.

We are appointing lawyers to protect the patent rights. Please do not be fooled! Zikr ring II will be launched in September, when it will be a breakthrough innovation. Please wait and see !

UMEOX's iqibla brand is the creator of this category. UMEOX's MAXCARE data platform is a multi-country certified private cloud server IoT platform that guarantees data security.


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