Umeox iQibla launches new M02 Pro rechargeable case

UMEOX iqibla, the first brand of Muslim smart wearables , will launch a rechargeable smart Tasbih ring M02 Pro in mid August 2022.

M02 Pro extended the ring battery life from 3 days to 15 days.The upgraded charging box is equipped with 120mAh battery. According to the test, the ring can be charged three times when it is fully charged.

M02 Pro greatly improves the portability of travel. For example, for short-term travel and business travel, there is no need for usb cable and charger. Just carry zikr ring and charging box, and the smart life of Muslims will be more convenient.

M02 Pro will launch two models for the first time, which are aluminum alloy graphite 20mm size and zinc alloy space gray 22mm size. In the future, it will gradually promote the upgrading and updating of other models.

Iqibla has been committed to using technology to make the life of Muslims better.


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  • Zikr 1 with charging case will lunch next week. Battery life expanded to 15 days. Next APP version will count 9999 soon

    Amy Li
  • Zikr 1 lunching date
    Upgrade charging & counts 9999

    Abdul Haq
  • Zikr 1 ring lunching date
    Please upgrade charging & count 9999

    Abdul Haq

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