Umeox set up after-sales service center in Dubai

Umeox set up after-sales service center in Dubai

Recently, Umeox announced the establishment of UMEOX grand trading LLC, a global after-sales service center in Dubai in conjunction with iQIBLA, and officially launched its operations. UMEOX grand trading LLC aims to provide faster, more efficient and professional after-sales service to overseas customers and consumers by driving the Middle East and North Africa region through Dubai radiation.

Umeox will provide professional after-sales service for each customer

Leo Yao, head of UMEOX grand trading LLC global after-sales service center, said: "The global Muslim population has now exceeded 1.8 billion people, with huge consumer potential. We strive to work with IQIBLA to create and launch several products, which are world premieres and require professional service support. We will provide professional after-sales service to every customer, thus laying a good foundation for deepening the Muslim consumer market in the future."

Users feedback is very important to us

UMEOX grand trading LLC will quickly close the distance with Muslim customers and consumers, and with its quality services, Umeox and iQIBLA will attract more consumers.

On the other hand, the after-sales service center will continue to absorb user feedback and incorporate valuable product feedback into product development, and strive to continuously improve product features and services, especially iQibla as the world's first Muslim smart brand, there is no precedent to follow, and user feedback is the best guide and the brightest lighthouse.


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